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About horror in the flesh

In the Beginning


What started out in 2002 as a small haunted attraction  with volunteers scaring and learning to apply makeup, has led to an organization that 17 years later,  evolved a makeup crew known as Horror in the Flesh. The heartbeat of our organization and we thank each one of you who has been or are,  one of us. We appreciate you.

The Haunt Life


Our Horror in the Flesh artists have years of training in our haunted attractions. From the first fundraising haunt, to the evolution into our flagship attraction, Cemetarium Haunted House, the addition of Psycho Circus, Zombie Heights, the expansion with Monsters In Modesto Haunted Attraction, and numerous events offering makeup services, has given our makeup artists the opportunity to gain the  knowledge and experience to perform at a higher level.

Scaring Forever


When you love what you do, it's easy to do it forever.  We love our organization and all the people that help make it happen. From the one day volunteer to the ones that can't get enough, WE THANK YOU ALL!

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